AIOE = AIxIoE(Internet of Everything)


To those who accept changes,

there is a chance in the construction industry.

Our purpose is to build a system that the doers get their fair share

with appropriate recognition for their effort on the construction site.

With automating administrative works and mundane technologies,

we aim for lean construction handling where those who make real effort with ICT,

those who support them, and those who understand fundamental needs

in the project and know how to fulfill them on site can be heroes.

How It Works


Highly efficient hybrid platform of conventional IT 

and new data driven framework.

Our Services


We offer hands-on solutions for construction site

with our new support services aligning with current movement

for Society 5.0.



With AIOE Service, you can accumulate your own activity data

which can be fed back to your new project planning for efficiency.


※Priority for safety, quality and process can be customized.

※Data optimization for images, machinery movement and worker movement can be made with precision positioning and image analysis.


※Important activity evaluation for construction site with safety, quality and efficiency as measurable attributes is available.